Let’s Learn Katakana with Pokemon Part 1

A few months ago, my Japanese teacher suggested I should learn katakana by reading the Pokemon names in Japanese. I thought that was a great idea! Not only will it help me recognize the Katakana characters, but I get to study using what I love: Pokemon!

Fast forward a few months later. The latest Pokemon Dictionary that I bought now currently sits on my bookshelf. I have not opened the book once since I bought it. Why? I can make a bunch of excuses, but the truth still remains: I have not read the Pokemon Dictionary.

I still wanted to learn Japanese, so I thought of an idea: Why not make a blog post about it? Not only will I have a new blog post idea, but it will also force me to finally open that darn Pokemon dictionary.

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SHIROBAKO: The Anime That Inspires Me and Made Me Think About Life

I have already watched SHIROBAKO The Movie twice, but for some reason I didn’t talk about it. I should have since this series was one of the reasons why I got motivated enough to try to get this blog running.

Last year, I was in a huge slump and wasn’t able to get this blog going. I wanted this blog to help me find what I would like to do in the future, but with so many things happening in my life I wasn’t able to continue it. I was always so busy, kept making a lot of excuses, even thinking that no one would want to read this blog, or if the choice of making a blog because of my interests was the right choice. There was even at one point where I thought of just giving up this blog. The reason why I haven’t yet was thanks to the Shirobako movie and its relatable characters, especially the main character, Aoi Miyamori.

The movie is what actually made me say “screw it!”and in Aoi’s words, “やってみよう!(Let’s try!)”

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Top 5 Anticipated Summer Anime

Top 5 Anticipated Summer Anime

It’s almost time for summer and that means it’s almost time for the Summer anime season to start! Here are my Top 5 most anticipated anime for the season:

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Top 5 Aikatsu Planet Songs

Since moving to Japan, I have been casually playing Aikatsu! card collecting arcade game. I have been interested in playing this game ever since I discovered one of their MVs on YouTube. I can honestly see the reason why the arcade game is so popular not only to kids, but to adults too (even the ojisan). One of my main reasons for playing this game are the songs and seeing my avatar dance to them.

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Stage Report: Touken Ranbu Stage Tenden: Aozora no Tsuwamono -Seige of Osaka Winter Campaign-

Last month, I was able to get a chance to watch a live viewing of a Touken Ranbu Stage. Actually, this was my second Touken Ranbu stage, but my first in seeing the swords on their mission. 

Note: There may or may not be any spoilers of the play in this post. I will do my best to try to not spoil the story and any important scenes. Except for the official visuals, I will not be using any pictures of the stage play in respect of the staff, cast, and committees. There were rules when watching a live performance of a stage play/musical and that includes not screenshotting any parts of the play (a mistake I did in past posts!). As a result, this will be more word heavy, but I will try to put other pictures that I can use if it’s relevant to the post. Please read at your own discretion.

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Book Walker: A Site for All your Manga and Light Novel needs

After a hard day of work, wouldn’t you like to sit back and relax while drinking a nice cup of coffee or tea? Maybe even opening up a good book you wanted to read? I know I would! When watching anime and playing video games gets tiring, I would sometimes get the urge to just sit and read. Sadly, living in Japan and especially in the rural areas, there aren’t many bookstores that would have books in English. 

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How To Learn About Japanese Culture Through Anime

Hanami - Zerochan Anime Image Board

I was looking through my twitter feed when I suddenly remembered how a lot of people kept telling me that I know so much about Japanese culture and history and kept asking “How do I know so much about Japan or japanese culture?”. It gave me an idea for this blog post since my answer to their question has always been the same: I learned them through anime. Continue reading “How To Learn About Japanese Culture Through Anime”

Happy New Year! My Goals For 2021

Happy New Year! あけましておめでとうございます!

Say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021! It’s time to leave all the bad things that happened behind us and start anew! I have many things planned for this year: both for this blog and for my own personal growth.

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