Bi-Weekly Anime Mini-Reviews #5

It’s time for Tabibito’s anime mini-reviews! For the past two weeks, I’ve just been trying to catch up with the latest anime episode that I missed for this season. So far, I have watched a couple of episodes of two anime: Spy x Family and Komi-san Can’t Communicate.

Let’s see what I think so far about the two anime that I watched!

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UtaPri 7th Stage Live ~My First UtaPri Live!~

Woah, I was really late in posting this than I had planned. I was even thinking that I shouldn’t even type this post. It felt like it was not worth it since it’s been months since the concert, but I still wanted to write about it. I should at least let everyone know how it was since my previous post about UtaPri. If you haven’t read the post and you are interested in it click here.

In my last post, I talked about the UtaPri franchise and the excitement I had for getting the chance to see their concert in person for the first time. Let me tell you that watching the concert live was amazing!!! Although traveling from my apartment to Tokyo and back within the span of 5 days was exhausting, I did not regret it one bit! 

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Bi-Weekly Anime Mini-Reviews #4

It’s time for another of Tabibito’s Anime Mini-Reviews. As I said in my last mini-review post, I changed my weekly anime mini-reviews to bi-weekly. Unfortunately, I had a hectic two weeks, so I wasn’t able to watch as much as I thought. 

For the past two weeks, I watched an episode of Spy x Family and finally finished the 1st season of Komi-san Can’t Communicated. So, let’s go ahead and dive into what I think about these two series so far. 

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Bi-Weekly Anime Mini-Review #3

It’s time for Tabibto’s Anime Mini-Reviews! I tried to do these mini-reviews weekly, but my busy schedule didn’t really allow me to do that without being so exhausted. So, I’m going to try to do these bi-weekly instead to see if it fits with my schedule (or at least until I can get my life back together again to be able to do them weekly).

For the past two weeks or so (since I was on vacation for one week), I’ve only watched a few episodes of one anime. So, here are my thoughts about the last episodes that I watched.

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Weekly Anime Mini-Reviews #2

Hello everyone! It’s time for Tabibito’s Weekly Anime Mini-Reviews! This time I managed to watch a few more of the current season’s anime. Actually, while I was writing last week’s anime mini-reviews I ended up watching a bit more anime than I thought I would. I didn’t put them on last week’s reviews mostly because I already started writing the post and mostly because I got a bit lazy. 

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Weekly Anime Mini-Reviews #1

In one of my past posts, I wrote what I thought about anime reviews and whether or not I should do them. If you haven’t read that post yet, it’s called Anime Reviews: To Do or Not To Do?. I think I also mentioned in the post that I wanted to give reviews a try, but I was on the fence about it. 

Well….I have finally decided. I would give anime reviews a try. 

Let’s go!
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A Traveler’s Top 4 Isekai Anime

First of all, I wanted to apologize to a fellow blogger of mine who tagged me on his post for a challenge. I have many excuses that I can say, some that are legitimately good reasons and others aren’t, but no matter how many excuses I give it does not change the fact that I couldn’t get myself to sit down and type this post. So sorry Roki/Mallow!

Whoops. Tee hee!

So, a few months ago, I was tagged by Roki/Mallow to do a “Favorite 4 Anime” post. You have no idea how happy I was to be a part of this. This was actually my first time doing a post like this, so even though I’m late in posting this, I really do want to do this post. Thank you Roki! You can check out his fun post here!

The theme for this post was Isekai and I’m not gonna lie; I really love the Isekai genre. There is just something about this genre that mesmerizes me. I’m not sure if it’s because of the story or how the setting of the isekai genre was described or maybe it’s just the traveler/adventurer in me calling and the idea of traveling to a different place sounds really appealing. I even may or may not have imagined myself being isekai to a story or anime a few times.

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Anime Reviews: To Do or Not To Do?

So, I’ve been thinking of doing an anime review for a while now, but have been too scared or even lazy to even try. In fact, it’s not just anime reviews, but others as well. Partly because I don’t really like reading reviews and tend to not read them most of the time. It’s not because reviews are bad or anything, it’s a good way to share your opinion on something, but that’s it. It’s someone’s opinion. I usually just go straight to watching any anime I find interesting and judge myself whether the anime is good or bad instead of reading someone’s review first. If I do feel like reading other people’s comments or reviews (which is once in a while), I usually read them after I watched an anime or an episode of an anime just to see what they think. It’s honestly interesting to hear other people’s opinions and compare them to my own. Oftentimes though, I tend to forget what I read and went straight to watching the show anyway haha. 

Tee hee
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Uta no Prince-sama: The Princes of Songs

I am so excited because this month is Uta no Prince-sama’s 7th Stage Live concert! After all the waiting, cancellation, and postponement caused by COVID, I finally have the chance to be able to go to their 7th Stage!!! I am crying tears of joy right now!

It was very hard to get these tickets! Since Japan tends to give away their tickets using a lottery system, waiting to know if I won these tickets, was horrible. I even thought I would never win a ticket to this event. If you are curious and want to know what I’m talking about, I wrote a post about Japan’s lottery system some time ago. You can click to take a look.

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