Anime Reviews: To Do or Not To Do?

So, I’ve been thinking of doing an anime review for a while now, but have been too scared or even lazy to even try. In fact, it’s not just anime reviews, but others as well. Partly because I don’t really like reading reviews and tend to not read them most of the time. It’s not because reviews are bad or anything, it’s a good way to share your opinion on something, but that’s it. It’s someone’s opinion. I usually just go straight to watching any anime I find interesting and judge myself whether the anime is good or bad instead of reading someone’s review first. If I do feel like reading other people’s comments or reviews (which is once in a while), I usually read them after I watched an anime or an episode of an anime just to see what they think. It’s honestly interesting to hear other people’s opinions and compare them to my own. Oftentimes though, I tend to forget what I read and went straight to watching the show anyway haha. 

Tee hee

Another reason (probably one of the biggest ones), is because a certain anime site I go to kept giving bad reviews or pointing out bad things about a show that ruined the chances of me reading and enjoying these posts. I know that not all reviews are not like that though, I know there are good ones out there that people made very good reviews, but unfortunately, this site was where I read my first anime review and it ruined my chances to read and enjoy others reviews. Most of the reviews I read on that site are always bad reviews or point out the bad points of an anime or episode. Of course, there will be some bad parts in the anime, but I would also like to hear what part they think is good too. After all, something that you think is bad might be interesting to others, and something that you think is good maybe bad to others unless the show is really that bad. 

Like they say “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Something that you think is bad maybe good to others.

It feels like I am being a hypocrite. I say that I don’t like reviews, but I want to try writing one anyway. That’s because I know review posts are very common posts that people write about. Not once did I see a blog or site with no reviews about an episode or show. If you are a beginner in blogging (like me) and researched “what type of posts you should write,” often bloggers would often say write review post. It’s understandable that reviews are an easy way to get started on your blog, especially if you watch anime all the time. I can’t help but be interested in trying to write my own reviews. After all, just because I do not like it though, that doesn’t mean I want to give it a try. I see reviews as a way to help you find your own voice and get your thoughts out there which is something that I have been trying to do through this blog and other projects.

My other reason why I don’t like reviews is that I don’t know if I have what it takes to actually give a show a proper review. What does it mean to do a review? Do I have the skills to actually properly give one? What does it mean to be a reviewer? I feel like this is a gray area (or maybe black or white. I don’t know.) I feel like a lot of people have many different answers to these questions and many different ways in doing a review that there are no right or wrong answers. As someone who is still trying to find her own voice in her writing though, a review is like a huge step out of my comfort zone. It’s not just anime reviews too. I often have this problem with other types of reviews too. I will be trying to form my own words and show my own opinions to the world after all. Opinions that people may or may not like (and sometimes people will be rude about and troll). I know I should ignore those people, you can’t make everyone happy after all, but I couldn’t help but think about it. It’s human nature to be scared and nervous to try something out of the ordinary (or out of your comfort zone). I want to at least give writing reviews a try though.  

Me trying to write something

So, if I do decide on writing reviews, I’ll probably write short reviews since I am busy and exhausted all the time from work. I am not sure how still, I know that I want to try to do something different from other people since anime reviews are common nowadays. I hope that one day I want to at least write and maybe give a proper review that I can be proud of it. 

What do you think about doing reviews? How did you decide that you would do anime reviews or any type of reviews on your blog? If I wrote a review, I hope you can give them a read.

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9 thoughts on “Anime Reviews: To Do or Not To Do?

  1. I think when people write reviews, they do it to share their passion of the medium and of the content (or lack thereof on one/both of those fronts). My advice is to just focus on putting your own spin on things and get your content out there. (<- has written only a few reviews – all series/volume reviews – because of the fact such content is ubiquitous, but has read more than enough reviews to advise on the matter)

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I will try. I am still trying to get used to writing reviews, but I hoped I am able to give my spin on the reviews I am doing or going to do in the future.


  2. Simply put: try it Lyn!, don’t let others put you off in trying it. As Friendly lord said above perfectly, it’s your opinion and more importantly, your experience.

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    1. Thank you! I am always unsure/undecided if I want to do them or not, but will give it a try. I’m not sure how to approach it though (or I’m just having writer’s block or something).

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  3. The best advice I could give you, because I used to think the same way, is don’t think of them as reviews so much. Art is subjective, so I often don’t like the word review since it’s trying to definitively judge something that will differ for everyone. It’s why I don’t like rating systems. I rarely refer to anything I write as a review unless I want to simply explain it. Just talk about why you did or didn’t like something (or both) and what it made you feel. You don’t have to necessarily tell someone why they should or shouldn’t watch something. Just write your personal thoughts, and people will still make their own decisions based on that. More than anything, just have fun with it, though. That’s the most important thing.

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    1. Thank you FriendlyOverlord for your advice! You are right that Art is subjective. I guess the word “review” is intimidating. I will try to not see them as reviews and try to give them a try.

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